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Love this app. Any time Im worried or need to confirm what to expect, I check it. It has helped me to look back at prior cycles and see the variability but also to learn whatd consistent. In the past, I never had any idea how long my cycle was or when to expect the next.

Great app

Easy to manage and great to keep a track on all symptoms.. I totally live it!

Life... and period changing.

I love this app. It has done so much and given me so much insight! Love the emails and such too. It is very very thorough. I agree that more in depth pain tracking would be great. Also a way to set a reminder within the app to record your temperature if youre using BBT as a fertility (or birth control) method would be awesome. A reminder to record any stuff daily wouldnt hurt. Anyway, women everywhere should use this. Thanks.


Love this app

Love it!

This app is really great for tracking about everything you could need to. I havent come into any problems aside from wanting to track when I get angry for no reason, or when I feel like Ill get mad at the slightest little thing.

Love it!

Ive been using this app for years, and I love it!

Clue App

Love clue !!! It would be great though if when the app was opened it had more than just the "took my pill" option because sometimes I run a little late taking it or I miss it completely ???

I love this app!

Ive tried several different period tracker apps and this is by far the best. I love how interactive it is and the detailed information they send via email.


Super helpful since I used to forget to keep track of my period. Now its easy and I can access everywhere for the info! Love it!

Accurate and helpful

I had used another app for years but switched to Clue because I love the look of the app and the ability to customize what you track. In the last year I have referred many friends looking to track for fertility as well as birth control side effects. This app also has helped me notice patterns I had previously never realized and I use it in my appointments with my OBGYN.

This app is awesome

Just try it and you will see

Love it!

Ive been using Clie for about 6 months and I am so much more aware of my cycles and how my body reacts. I have very irregular periods and always have. Clue helps me track patterns and I live the education it provides. Ive used several of these apps and this is definitely the best!


I stick by this app 10/10


Very useful

Love love love!!!

I want to give it 5 stars, I just wish there were some specific measurement features. Pain measurements, for example would be great! Otherwise, totally awesome app. Really has helped me keep track and better predict my period!


This app is everything you want in a cycle tracker and then some.


I like the visual circle graph

Love it

Clue has taught me so much about my body it has a place for you to keep up with certain things and help keep you on track it becomes better and better with the predictions as you enter in data I really recommend this app its worth it!!!

So easy to use

I love app. It is very user friendly and the option to save a chart with your history is fantastic if you have an irregularity you want to discuss with a medical professional. Everyone should be tracking their period and this makes it easy.

Love Clue - want more options, though

Ive been using Clue for a couple years. I love that I have a record of my cycle when I go talk to my Dr. For years Id tell myself, "this month Ill actually start that journal," but then I never did. Clue makes it so easy that its not work to remember to hit a couple buttons and have a record. I have a couple requests: 1. I enter when Im ovulating based on fluid type, which is a sign of ovulation. Yet my "fertile window" doesnt adjust accordingly. So when I look at the analysis of the last few months, the "starred" day of ovulation is in the wrong place. Id like the "starred" day to be on the day I ovulate. 2. I get my period at random times of the day. It would be nice to track data according to hour, not just day. My cycle fluctuates a LOT, based on days, but maybe its only a difference of a matter of 24-48 hours, and isnt that varied. Like I said, Im not good at recording the data myself in a notebook, so to have that feature added to Clue would be much appreciated. Hourly tracking could be helpful for knowing how long before I start bleeding the cramps begin, or my breasts hurt, or I start feeling extra emotional. Having an hour for all those things might help me better determine when to start putting a pad in my underwear.

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