Clue - Period & Health Tracker App Reviews

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Best friend to sharing secrets, and even complain productive. Every woman must love herself and it means Clue also.

Great for planning

Super user friendly and great to plan vacations, etc...


Perfect application. No more regular calendar everything is in here.

Best period app

By far the best period app on the app store. not in your face but subtle and simple to use. cycle prediction is really good.

Very good app

Everythings in the title ? very good app, very useful when you travel a lot and when youre a swimmer ?

The best app

Its very good!!

Muito bom!

Really accurate!!


The best app!

Awesome choice

Modern, simple and gorgeous, full of helpful information and amazing accuracy, Ill recommend it to everyone I know!

Amazing !!!

Very good. Interface is excellent.

Very good

Its a very good app, acquired and simple. I just love it, helps me a lot.


An excellent app to keep track of all matters important to women ☺??

Little to note/track

i am in search for an app to track my cycle for longer now. the design of this app is better than any i had before though not yet very intuitive... but what about the options/ descriptions i can choose from in order to describe whats going on? e g i can choose cravings- salty or sweet or carbs- what if i crave healthy (yes that happens!)- or activities- yoga/running/cycling(?) where women involved in developing this? i wish for more options or less specific options that i can customize personally- until then ill wait for updates and hope. thanks.

Must have!

So many of my friends are using it, it it extremely helpful especially if your cycle is a little irregular. I learned a lot about my body while using it, plus the app looks good!

Precise, easy to use and adaptable

Its easy to use and i appreciate that i can choose myself which feature I want to mark and can always change it regarding my needs.


Great app. Use it and check it all the time. Several little improvements recently. Brilliant! Not just for women trying to get pregnant but for those wondering why theyre tired, when to schedule an important meeting etc. Highly recommended


Thank a lot, I really need this kind app,bravo, its perfect.

Amaaaaazing app !!!

I just love everything about it and it really helps me everyday

Great app

Easy to manage and great to keep a track on all symptoms.. I totally live it!

Easy and very informative

Just stared using it and so far its been very useful.

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